Snowdon (Y Wyddfa)
With Chris, however, I said if I was to climb Snowdon (Y Wyddfa) again we should take another route up. We decided on the 'Watkin Path', which is the longest route up, and arguably the most strenuous. We stayed in Betws y coed but unfortunately the Fron Heulog was full. Nevertheless anywhere in Betws is OK because the pubs at night are great.We started the climb at about 10.30am in the rain. After about one and a half hours we came across a very large boulder with a plaque on it. It read that the politician Lloyd George had delivered a speech off the top of this boulder. That alone you might think to be quite an achievement for any politician but Lloyd George was well into his eighties when he did it, which makes it remarkable. The path then got steeper and the rain got wetter. After passing through a quarry the going was really tough. The ground was littered with quartz and mud. At a point not far from the summit we thought of turning back because the ground was very steep and slippery. However, a lone climber caught us up and showed us a technique in walking very slow. It worked and we reached the summit soon afterwards. What, in my opinion, spoils Snowdon (Y Wyddfa) is the herds of tourist at the summit café who have got there via the mountain railway. The railway quite bluntly stinks of burnt engine oil.

We decided that a descent by the same route was too dangerous and instead followed the 'Miner's Track'. Because will did not have the proper directions we made a mistake and had to do a bit of serious rock climbing. However, the weather brightened up and we eventually got down to the Llanberis Pass car park. Our car however was parked about five miles away. Luckily for us there is a "Sherpa" mini bus service, which encircles Snowdon (Y Wyddfa) and takes in the starting points of all the routes up. Back at the hotel I lost my body heat but a hot shower revived me in time to enjoy the pub nightlife of Betws y coed.