(3,414 feet)

Melvyn Higson & 
John Willis at the summit
To climb Carrantuohill was very much an afterthought. In deed neither Chris nor I had even heard of it. One Wednesday night in our usual drinking hole one of us (not sure who) posed the question, 'What is the name of the highest mountain in Ireland?' No one knew. I surfed the Internet to find the answer. I was surprised to discover it was inside the 'Ring of Kerry'. Two years earlier Sylvan and I had a touring holiday in Ireland and Killarney was one of my favourite places. Carrantuohill is part of the MacGillycuddy's Reeks and at 3414 feet was just short of Snowdon. The temptation was too great and we started to make plans. At this time I was a councillor for the City of Salford and mentioned our intentions to John Willis, the Chief Executive. John asked if he could join us. Of course we welcomed him. We picked a weekend that suited all of us and I searched the Internet for suitable accommodation. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be and in no time at all I had found and booked the 'Climber's Inn'. Unfortunately, as time went on Chris decided to back out. John and I had to make a decision whether to continue or not. We decide to go.

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