A picture says a thousand words
It is quite a long journey from Over Kellett to Seathwaite, which seems even longer because you travel mainly on narrow country lanes. We finally started our climb at about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. It was a November day and the sky was nearly as black as it is at 1 o'clock in the morning. The going was quite easy at first but that was soon to change. The rain became heavier and the wind got stronger. I was worried about Sylvan because I knew Chris would not want to turn back. At one point the rain stopped for long enough for us to have a sandwich but it wasn't the enjoyable picnic we had envisaged. The path was quite well trodden at first but after awhile it disappeared and we were forced to guess the way following the cairns. The rain came back with a vengeance and the wind howled. At times the rained turned to sleet and was almost horizontal. Even though we all had the best of weatherproof clothing we were drenched. The final ascent, or should I say assault, to the summit was a further challenge. It just looked as though someone had tipped a load of sandstone boulders on top of the mountain. Walking across them was very dangerous. One slip and your leg may have disappeared down a hole. It could easily have broken. Visibility was very poor which made locating the next cairn very difficult. However we reach the summit at about 4 o'clock. As we had arranged to meet Jean at 7 o'clock we did not hang about at the summit. We were wet and cold but the rain had eased. The descent seem to last for ever and the night was drawing in. We thought we would be able to see the cars around every corner. Although it had never been a well-lit day the daylight was going quickly. We began to walk as fast as we possibly could. It seemed never ending. We finally got back to the car at 7 o'clock so we tried to phone Jean because we thought she might be worried. There was no signal on my mobile phone. We got changed quickly and started the journey to meet Jean. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Jean. We had finally made contact. The meal was great and the couple of pints were even better. Sylvan had volunteered to drive home which meant I slept all the way.