(3,210 feet)

Melvyn Higson & 
Sylvan Davies at the summit
Scafell Pike, due to the weather and terrain, was definitely the least enjoyable. On this climb Sylvan Davies, my wife, decided to join us. We were to meet Chris at Jean's, his partner. Jean lives in Over Kellett, a small village just outside Carnforth. She is a farmer's daughter and when she accompanies us keeps us amused with her knowledge of the surrounding countryside. On this occasion Penrith College, where she teaches, was holding an open day and she was expected to attend. We were to meet up with her later for a meal. As Sylvan and I traveled up the motorway it was already raining quite heavily. It was November 1996 and winter had already started. In fact I thought it was possibly too bad to do the climb. We arrived at Jean's at eleven o'clock. We had a coffee and Chris loaded his gear into my car and then we continued to Seathwaite where the final leg of our conquest began. Seathwaite is noted as the village with the heaviest rainfall in the UK and that day proved it.

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